Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What about that Window?

I clipped this from a magazine at some point and then cut away all clues as to which magazine.  I would give credit if I could.

This is a loose vision of what my window over the sink should look like.  My window is not this wide so it won't be quite as dramatic.  And remember, it looks out onto the porch and from there to the backyard and studio.  Note the raised window sill behind the faucet.  This is all part of my plan as well. FYI, my windows will not be divided into 12 panes as these are.  In fact mine won't be divided at all.  Not that this isn't very attractive, but rather because my window is smaller and I'm using FREE window/doors.

We don't have ponds or rolling hills here in the city, but the people who live here like looking at buildings.  Might sound crazy to those who love the wide open spaces, but not to me.  I like looking out at my studio and thinking about what project is waiting for me beyond that door.

But, as I mentioned in an earlier post, this window needs to be raised up to counter height.
Not a pretty picture, but this is how it looks from the porch side.  Try to ignore the reflections.  Not exactly sure how all this will be filled in but anything is better than what is here now.  Let's talk about the inside first.

My brother Dan took these doors off the upper part of a china cabinet his wife is now using as a bookcase in her office.
Since they just happen to be 17 inches wide they will fit the 34" opening I have perfectly.  However they are only 46 inches high. But.....since my plan is to raise the window sill up behind the sink a few inches....why not make it 12 inches?

Here is my cardboard box mock up and, yes, there is a little gap at the top. But since the frame on these is slightly arched at the top this will allow a talented brother to make a header that will mimic this arch perfectly.  Try to ignore that thick black horizontal line.  That is the current window sash that will be removed sometime after we stop dropping below freezing temperatures!  

One more point I would like to make:  I am hoping to center the sink on the window.  As you can clearly see that is not the case now. There is a lot of math that has to happen before we will know whether this will happen.  So check back to see how this pans out.

By the way, that 12" high backsplash behind the sink will be of the same material as the countertop. 

Keep in mind the kitchen in this picture is on a much grander scale than mine.  My sink will not be the same as this one and I will have the option of having a deck mounted faucet.  However, since I have the opportunity to use the wall mounted faucet I'm thinking that would be pretty cool looking.
I suspect that will be material for another post.

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