Sunday, February 8, 2015

What's going and What's staying

The last post was the "as is" kitchen.  Because the room measures approximately 11.5x13.5 feet, with five doorways and two windows plus a radiator, there is scant room for variation on the layout.  Over the years I have tried to design it differently, but short of breaking through the back wall and building an addition, I could not make it happen.  Recently I began thinking again about updating the kitchen and this time I had an idea that seemed like it just might work.  So instead of just replacing the counter tops and repainting the walls, I am making some changes.

Change #1 is to remove the overhead cabinets.

Change #2 is to remove this section of base cabinet.

Step #3 is to extend the flue wall to about where you see the vertical dotted line.  It's a little hard to see but the flue wall extends out about 4".  By widening the flue wall 8" I will then have a protruding wall that extends from the dotted line to the window. (approximately 5 1/2 feet wide)

The dishwasher will then be moved from the left of the sink to the right side of the sink.

The double doors hiding the refrigerator and the casing around them will be removed.

The light over the island will be replaced.

And finally, the window over the sink will be reconfigured.  It currently drops down behind the sink.

There will also be some changes to the base cabinets both in size and in the type of storage they provide. These changes and the island will be discussed in another post.


  1. These ideas for change show a very busy creative mind! Those wheels are always turning!

  2. These proposed changes show a very creative unstoppable mind! I can't wait to see the next pictures.

  3. what grand plans! we are in the middle of a kitchen reno, so i feel your dreams and your pains! good luck.

  4. Isn't it going to be hard to load the dishwasher if it opens in front of the sink?

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  6. I didn't make that very clear. The dishwasher will actually be on the right side of the sink and on the same plane with the sink. The cabinets will no longer turn the corner and their will be a space for the dishwasher to open between the sink wall and the stove wall.

  7. I didn't make that very clear. The cabinets will no longer turn the corner so the dishwasher front will be right next to the sink front. There will be a space for the dishwasher to open and then the cabinet on the left of the stove will start.

  8. Not sure that my explanation makes it an more clear. This is where a picture would help.