Friday, March 6, 2015

Custom Cabinet Towers

As the title suggests, the cabinets that rest on the counter tops on either side of the sink are not part of a cabinet order for multiple reasons.

One of those reasons being these two old pantry doors that I have saved for quite some time on the off chance I would be able to incorporate them into one of my projects.  This just might be that opportunity and if so then the towers will have to be customized.  (These doors did not come from a pantry in this house but they are from a house in my neighborhood.)

My idea is to use these on either side of the sink and put a smaller cabinet under each of them.

At first I thought I would have these towers reach the ceiling.  However, this door measures 46 inches and for it to look right it has to be somewhere in the middle.  I want the bottom cabinet to be an appliance garage so it has to be at least 13 inches high.

I just didn't like the proportions of having three doors so I scratched that idea.

Plan B raises the bottom cabinet up to 15 inches, puts the glass door at a nice height, and leaves some dead space at the top.  Once we figure out how to make this all come together in a pleasing manner, we will proceed.  Both Dan and I agree, these cabinets may have to be in limbo until everything else has been installed.  Hopefully that is not a huge wait from the time you read this post.

The appliance garages will need a door that operates differently from regular cabinet doors.

I am considering a tambour door although I don't think they are all that attractive.

If I do use these I have an idea for a way to change the look slightly.  We'll have to wait to see if that materializes.

I did see this idea on pinterest.  I rather like it but when the door is up, it prohibits one from opening the cabinet above.  That could be a nuisance.

This one looks like it might be metal.  I rather like that idea.  It adds a different texture and brings the metal of the appliances to that side of the room.

Now it's a matter of talking this over with Dan to see how much flexibility we have in getting these in the size we need.

It seems like I have raised a lot of questions with the past posts on this remodel and  have not really provided any answers.  Is that how it seems to you too?  It is a little loosey-goosey right now, but in a way I have found that better than to be laced up too tightly.  Then when a glitch pops up, it is not quite so heart wrenching to make accommodations.

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