Tuesday, March 10, 2015


As I mentioned in a recent post, I have been giving some thought to a wall mounted faucet.

  I presume I would have about as much space behind the sink for faucets.  And I suppose that would be fine.  However, I am really interested in using a wall mounted faucet.  I particularly like the idea of not having to squeeze behind it to clean.

This one has been raised but I doubt that would help much with the cleaning problem.

I seldom use the spray feature so I would prefer to skip it.

This is different.  Not very appealing to me even in a bathroom.

Notice these are all double handle faucets.

 This one is just OK looking.

 This one better but I don't want the cross knobs.

 I like this one for the design but it's back to deck mount.

(Deja Vue Designs)
 Similar features here but again the cross handles.  So much for what other people have.  Let's see what is readily available.

These pot fillers are everywhere on the internet but that is not what I hoped for when I searched wall mounted faucets.

I thought I would find single handle faucets too.  Trust me those are really few and far between.

So-so. A little too American looking for my Frenchy kitchen.

So far this one is the most interesting.

Although it's hard to beat this one for interesting.  The light is blue for cold and red for hot.  I'm not big on "extra-features" but...I'm trying to be open minded.  What that means is that I haven't found anything that doesn't feel like settling.

Checked out VanDyke.com and found a few more possibilities.

I rather like the porcelain handles just to break up all that nickel.
But so far nothing that says, "that's the one!"  Well, maybe there were one or two that I would be pretty content with having, but I'm not spending $1200 for a faucet.

I happened across this picture and just had to include it.  Not because it is what I'm looking for in a faucet but that sink is crazy.  Does that divider make any sense to you?

Today is the day we "break-ground" on this project.  So the days of wishing and dreaming are over.  Not it's time to get real.

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