Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Is there still an island?

The part of the kitchen remodel fighting me the hardest is the island.  My number one concern with almost everything décor related is, "does it look good?"  Next comes function, comfort, cost, and so on down the line.  In the case of the island, I really need it to add to the functionality of the kitchen and to provide me with the convenience I'm used to with my current island.  But it's gotta look good, and that's a tall order.

Currently I have a 36"x 60" work surface. It gets used for food prep, and all things in that realm.  But it's also the cutting table for fabric projects, planning table for design projects, and sometimes the paint table as well.  I like standing while I work and this is the right height for me to work comfortably.

I have been thinking something a little more open would be visually appealing.  But I still need a seating area with an overhang.  To me stools without leg room are useless. 

This is an idea for how one might store pots and pots.  Modify everything else about it!

I know I keep showing islands without seating options.  If only I had a breakfast room!  Actually in the spring, fall, and milder parts of summer and winter, I use my back porch as an extension of the kitchen.  It is not heated or cooled so I am at the mercy of the erratic St. Louis weather patterns. 

I rather like the large rollers for feet and the decorative legs have some potential.

The storage in this one is pretty awesome.  

Decent storage but only moderately appealing visually.

I was thinking of keeping my stools because they are pretty comfortable.  But what did I specify as my top priority?  How it looks trumps comfort and these do look good!  But, if I'm being totally honest, budget usually trumps everything else.

And if I really meant what I said about looks coming first, I'd go for something sexy like this one.  It would stand out way better on my light floor, and I would certainly find some "knock-your-socks-off" stools to go with it.

I spent hours and hours browsing Pinterest the last few weeks hoping that something would click.

And then it did!!!!  I absolutely love this idea.  Yes, I know it's not really that open and my open area would be more shallow than this one.  However, cabinets slipped into this metal framework creates the look I want and still gives me storage.  It seems like a win-win.  I have not checked into the how or how much of it but that is next on my agenda.


This stool popped up in my search.  Pretty handsome don't you think?  FYI: I checked it out.  It has a handsome price tag too.  ($575.00)

A few days ago I saw this piece at an antique mall.  I'm thinking if I remove the legs and add taller legs in a different style, switch out the hardware, paint the entire piece, slip it into a metal cage as seen above with a metal shelf about 4 inches off the floor, add my solid surface countertop that extends 14 inches for an overhang, I would have what I'm looking for.  One small concern that could put the kabosh on the whole plan: not sure the drawers would hold up to daily use.  Aside from that, it's perfect.

I did have another concern but I think long pulls like these would solve that.

Maybe this buffet is not so perfect after all. Seems I would only gain an extra four inches or so with longer legs and that really would not be enough height for a lower shelf.  But that was not the deal breaker.  The fact that the drawers might not function well enough for daily use is a drawback.  So, keeping a lookout for something better.

In the meantime:

Back to the drawing board to see if I can design something that fits my needs.  Stay tuned for where this goes next.  If any part of the kitchen is "in flux" it is the island.

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