Monday, May 11, 2015

It's raining, It's pouring.

The past several days we have gotten some pretty heavy downpours.  Those spring rains are necessary and generally welcomed, but the peonies, oh, how they suffer.

Those tightly packed buds on the end of some very long stems just can't remain upright.  And the blossoms that have unfurled soak up so much water, they too bend and droop until the thin stems crease at the bend.

These pictures were taken before the rain hit.  This dark pink bush always flowers first so the lighter pink one was still in the bud stage when the rain hit.

It's nice to have the "before" shots.  I didn't take pictures during the rain, but I did go out during the rain and rescue some of these beauties.

 I prefer to enjoy my flowers uncut, but when that doesn't pan out, I will take them inside.


And on a rainy day they do add cheer to the indoors.

 I have one gladiola in this color.

It hit the ground during the second round of heavy rain so it too came inside.

I tried getting some pictures of the gorgeous coloring and when the sun popped out,

I took it outside for better lighting.

It seems the rain has now moved on and the additional stakes I added have saved some of the spindly stems.

So these buds still have a chance to burst forth in the sunshine.

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