Sunday, June 28, 2015

Overhead lights are ON

When this kitchen project started there was one light over the island.

Because I now wanted two lights over the island, some changes needed to be made.

It got this far and then there was that waiting period for various other things to fall into place.

Once the old opening was patched and the ceiling was repainted, things moved along.

The fixtures  I planned to use were purchased at the Habitat restore.  ($26 each)

I knew the gold would have to go but what happened to the rest was more of a  figure it out as you go process.

 These went from shiny brass to...

black.  Then I decided to have them rewired using black electrical wiring and the rings were removed at the very top.  I decided to eliminate the chains and hang them from the wire.

The globes went from white to aluminum.  This took three coats to completely cover so the light would not shine through in spots.

I resprayed the black parts because I preferred a more matte sheen.

Not great quality on this photo.  My setting on the camera had moved and I didn't realize it.

I know it would be nice to see them with the island but we're not quite there yet.

And included in the lighting redo, I painted the black baffles of the recessed lights a metallic silver.

These little springs are intended to hold the baffles in place.  They work if you have an extreme amount of time and patience required to get them in place.

Over time my light bulbs somehow managed to become a variety of colors and types giving off a rather checkerboard glow.  I finally bought all new LED bulbs so they look the same except for that middle one in the back row that is set higher than the rest.  I haven't had the stamina to remove those darn springs to reset that one.  Some day when I'm feeling very rested and calm I'll take that on.

In the meantime, it is not noticeable with the lights off.

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