Friday, July 24, 2015

Seventy Year Flashback

Trish and John

Trish, Barb, and John with our dad and Grandpa Otto.

John, Jim, Trish, Marg, and Barb

Me with my little sis, Sheila.

Looking a little less than thrilled to be posing for this picture.

High school

1964 I think.

I honestly do not remember this outfit.  Is that possible?  Why would I think that bedspread would make a good background?


January 1972

Jodie and her mom.

Sheila, Dan, Trish

Tricia, Jodie, and Andy

Amber, Taylor Jodie, Gabriel, Tricia

Taylor, Grandma, Amber

Dan, John, Barb, Jim, Marg, Trish

That's the short version of my seventy year history.

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