Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dressform Redressing

I thought perhaps a wardrobe change would be good with colder weather approaching.

 The lace is attached to the form and I just draped a few things over the lace and that's the way it stayed.  But, I saw a some pins on Pinterest where forms were turned into...well quasi Christmas trees.  That inspired me to take another look at my dress form.  Although the seasonal decorating would be a fun project, it only works from Thanksgiving until New Years Day.

 I thought it wiser to choose something that could last until I was inspired again.  I pulled a few pieces of fabric from the sewing room stash.

 I added a hem to the skirt and pinned in a couple darts.  The bodice was just draped and pined.

 I did sew the trim to the floor length shawl but that was the extent of any actual sewing.

 I cut  a piece of the bodice fabric, pulled it through a belt buckle and pinned it in the back.

A scarf and some jewelry and she was ready to grab her luggage for a trip to Paris.

I am still tempted to dress her up for the holidays.  I'll just have to see if the mood lasts.

 Right now she fits in nicely with the room dedicated to things I like looking at but don't want to rule the decor of the whole house.

 Using them all in a "themed" room on the second floor allows me to enjoy them without inflicting a period or style to the rest of the house.

As long as she does not extend her stay in Paris, you might see her in some holiday finery.

Au revoir.

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