Thursday, October 1, 2015

Glass Tray Update

Remember when I did the final post on the kitchen remodel and I mentioned the tray with the eight white doilies behind glass?  Whether you remember or not that is not the point of this post.  What I'm trying to segway into is that I did switch out the doilies for something else.

Turns out those doilies were placed on the glass and covered with a paper backing and then painted over.  So, it wasn't like I was going to get them off.  It was easier to cut a new piece of glass...well sort of.  I made the first cut fine but cracked the glass on the second cut.  I have been saving glass for a long time so I did have another piece that would work but it was my last piece in that size.  So I enlisted Dan to cut it for me and, of course, it was done perfectly.

I had a piece of luan just slightly bigger than what I needed.  Once that was cut, I primed it and then just started adding things.

I had a small piece of burlap with some black paint on it from another project.  I added a stenciled fleur de lis and then fringed the edges.

I pulled a couple pages from some old books and added those to the board.

Next I stenciled No. 2 on the back of the glass.

There was a bit of a learning curve with this process.  I've done this a couple times before, but it was so long ago I forgot what I had figured out by trial and error, so I had relearn it on this piece.  I thought about scraping it off and starting over's up so high on that shelf, no one is going to be able to inspect it without a I accepted it "as is."

A little paint around the edges and it was ready to go back in the tray.

I rubbed a little stain on the frame to refresh the finish and cover up some of the nicks.  Then I sprayed the handles with Stainless Steel paint.

It was back on the shelf at the end of the day.

And now it blends better with the book thing I have going on here.

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