Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Color Galore

I could not resist going for a walk through the neighborhood during the intermittent rain yesterday.

The colors were so beautiful in spite of two days of rainy weather.

It was such a joy to see the neighborhood dressed for the ball.

Because many leaves had fallen to the ground, the dark wet branches added definition and contrast to yellows,...

reds, ...

and oranges on display.

Even the more subtle brown and maroon shades were more vibrant.

Interesting architecture definitely provides another layer to an already picture perfect setting.

All of these pictures were taken within the fourteen blocks of Tower Grove Heights Neighborhood...

except for this one.  I shot this while standing within TGH but pointing the camera towards the next block.  I couldn't resist the orange porch.

I also could not resist showing the vines on my own residence.

I think a rain drop on the lens blurred this shot slightly.

Many of the trees are close to being bare but the dappling of color superimposed on the homes still dazzles.

 Seeing these pictures makes me want to go back out today looking for more.

Even the alleys provided some fantastic bursts of color.

I took too many pictures for one post, but I can't resist adding a few more.

Not the most artfully composed, but I actually took this shot because I loved seeing the contrast between the truck and the tree.

 The same tree taken from the other side of the truck.

This shot was taken while standing in my front doorway.

The same shot editing out the vehicles.

Of course, all those leaves will eventually end up on the ground and...

We all know what that means.  So when your back is aching from all that raking, look back at these pictures and remember the beauty.

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