Thursday, February 11, 2016

I'm Back

I cannot believe it has been seven weeks since I last posted.  Many of you probably thought I was sunbathing on a beach in Mexico.  Those who know me will find that comment pretty amusing.  I haven't been in a bathing suit in thirty years and have no intention of shopping for one either.  So then, what's my excuse?

No excuse worthy of mentioning except that I haven't done a project that seemed blog worthy.  I do my blog posts on my desktop because I have it hooked to my TV and I really love working with that large screen as a monitor.  Unfortunately my computer started acting strangely.  It would randomly power down.  Sometimes it would be an hour or two into my work session and sometimes it would be immediately after powering up.  I put up with that for awhile and then my son took on the challenge of diagnosing the cause.  He tried several fixes but nothing helped.  So, off it went to a friend with more tools only to come back with the same result.  It was determined the motherboard has just gone beserk and my computer is toast.  So, for now, I am left with the laptop only.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to give my shabby little computer chair a makeover.

This is the perfect seat for computer work because it slides inside the closet that hides my computer when I chose to have it disappear.  My brother found it in a house he was rehabbing.  I painted it a terracotta color and upholstered it in a very pretty coral toile fabric.

Obviously it has had plenty of use since then.

Thanks to some very mild temperatures in early February, I was able to give it a fresh coat of spray paint.  I brightened up the frame with a color called Paprika.  This was a "last minute, take advantage of the weather, spontaneous" decision so I was not about waste time seeking out the perfect color.  I grabbed a rusty colored primer spray for the first coat.  That would have been the last coat if I had been satisfied with the color.  Next I tried the Paprika and decided that would do.

Because I had a few remnant pieces of this fabric that would be enough to cover the seat, back and arms of this little chair, it became the fabric of choice.

Luckily I had a good sized piece of foam on hand so I was able to replace that too.

The worst part of the whole project was pulling all the staples to remove the old upholstery.

The paint color is more subdued than it looks here.  In fact it really is more of a tomato red than orange.  You'll have to take my word for it.

Now that I've gotten my toe back in the water, I hope to have more projects to show you soon.

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