Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Duo Before and After

I'm starting this post with the briefest of reasons why I have not posted lately.  The explanation is "POLLEN" with effects I didn't even believe were possible.  That's all I'm saying about that since I am feeling much better and I'd rather let bygones be bygones.

The neighborhood is having a group yard sale this month and I started to pull out things I thought I should probably put out for sale.   For example:  Here is a chair I have had for years and it looks just like the day I bought it except for some additional cobwebs and dust.

I dusted it off to make it a little more presentable for the sale.

While I was wiping it down, I caught myself thinking what a cute little chair it is.

Then I got the idea to spray paint it to make it a little more appealing for the sale.  That would be quick and easy.  You know where this is going so I'll just cut to the chase.

Of course, I had to recover the seat too.

I used a matte black because I'm in that mode of using things I have on hand.  I actually prefer it in this instance so that worked out except.....I used what was left in the can and only then did I lift it off the table to discover I had missed a couple spots you could only see when looking at it from the top down.  So much for using up what I have on hand.  I now have a fresh can of matte black on hand.

I pulled the leopard print from my remnant pile.  The scale was right and because the seat is tiny, I was able to get the piece I needed.

I didn't realize I even had room for a chair in front of this secretary.

The chair shows up a little better on the inside photos.

You are probably way ahead of me on this one too.  It's too cute to let go, don't you thing?  I'll just have to wait and see how I feel on yard sale day.

Another piece I pulled out to put on the sale was this little footstool that someone had given me.

This is exactly how it looked when I received it.  The covering is like an oilcloth or a fabric backed vinyl but I think a cat may have been clawing at it for some time before it found me.  In fairness to the giver, he knows I'll take almost anything and just maybe improve it somehow.

I really have no use for this small stool so it was definitely a good candidate for the sale but not in this condition.

This is what I found under the oilcloth.  If you look closely you should be able to see the cat hair although you couldn't miss it if you were looking at it in person.  Then another snag (pun intended).  The flat surface under all this hair and fabric was busted!  That meant cutting a new foundation and padding that before adding another covering.

I didn't do the blow by blow on all this so we'll just move to the finished product.  

As before, I'm trying to use things I already have.  I pulled several pieces of fabric but nothing worked as well as this vinyl.  Wouldn't you know, the most difficult piece to pull around the curves.

I used a hairdryer to warm the vinyl so it would conform to the shape I needed.  However it was still not a quick and easy job.  Eight screws hold the top to the base and there is only one way they line up so that was a little tricky.  They are also very close to the edge of the frame so that involved cutting away small openings in the vinyl to allow the screw to pass through.  Enough of my sob story.  There was more, but, back to letting bygones be gone forever.

Will this one make the sale? For sure it will be out there.  Whether it sells or not remains to be seen.  The good news is, even if it doesn't, at least it's no longer an eyesore.

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