Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Restaurant Progress Report

Some walls have been shaved back since the last post.  The area at the bottom of the stairs needed to be opened up visually and to provide easy access between the two sides of the first floor.  The wall in the foreground on the right will also be moved back to the conduit you see running up the wall.

 That means this alcove will not be as deep.  But this doorway is being changed to a fixed glass right behind the stone arch.

 That will leave room on the inside for a hostess station.

Even though this beautiful tile is in perfect condition, it will be covered to make the floor level with the floor at the bottom of the stairs,  Some battles you just can't win.

This is taken from the front on the left side of the building.  There is a hallway to a back exit with two bathrooms off this hallway.  The plywood leaning against the studs is where the kitchen starts.  It extends across the back to the east wall of the building.

This is just a close up of the bathroom framing.  Those support poles you see on the floor are required and not designated for a location that is ideal but, as I said, some battles cannot be won.

This shot is from the front of the building on the right side.  The doorway in the back will become the entrance to a walk in freezer that extends out the back of the building.

This close up shows the space designated for the kitchen.  Initially plans were to have some of the storage and freezer space, along with some prep tables, in the basement.  Than plan has changed with the walk in freezer out back.  The basement will still be used for supplies.

Notice the handrails that curve along the stairs to the top.

Both sides wrap around at the top so there will be two columns where the railings attach.

Originally this staircase was enclosed to the ceiling. The plan now is add a 22 inch wall on each side and leave the end over that red area for a gate that was once on the outside of the building.  It was used  to enclose the recessed area behind the stone arch.  Because the height of the sides needs to be 42 inches, an iron railing will be added on top of the short wall.

This is the back of the second floor.  Note the amount of brick showing above the windows.

This is the front of the building which shows more exposed brick. Due to the slope of the roof the ceiling will be higher in the front.  It would be great to keep this exposed but a sprinkler system and  insulation will be added.  Then a sound absorbent ceiling will be added over that. 

There are three large I-beams that will be exposed below the ceiling.

Directly at the top of the stairs there is a raised area that was once a skylight.  It will remain open to the floor below but, for now, no skylight will be installed.  The recessed area starts above the black I-beam in this picture.  The recessed area is approximately 4'x11'.

This is taken from the front of the building.  The bar is on the right with the satellite kitchen behind that and a bathroom next.  There will still be room for tables beyond that in front of the windows across the back.

This shows the kitchen and bath area looking from west to east.  You can see the top of the staircase on the right.

Across from the kitchen and bath, on the opposite side of the room. will be two banquettes.
As you can see the building has a jog on this side, so one banquette will be larger than the other.

Here is the same area shot from the back of the building.

You may have noticed an exit on the back of the second floor,  This leads to a small deck and a set of stairs to the ground.  The Ritz park is directly behind the restaurant building.  It is an event park for the Grand Business District and hosts festivals, movies, yoga, and booths for various local activities.

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