Friday, May 26, 2017

Bits and Pieces

Not a full reveal. but some preparations and progress to show you.

Boxes of vinyl flooring were delivered to the site.

This is the glued down version for better water protection.

Completed north end of the room.  Mannington Floor in Seaport Wharf.

Not easy to see the difference here, but this is the same flooring in a different color for the ground level.  Mannington floor in Dockside that has a hint of gray with brown.

This is part of a large folding screen that needed touching up and waxing.

I discovered it at the Miriam Shop.  A six panel, seven foot tall screen.  Pretty, but not what I was looking for until...

I saw the other side.  The plan is to separate it into two panels of three.

 There are two electrical panels on the second floor.  We will use a 3 piece section of the folding
 screen to shield each one from the view of the patrons.

The panels are boxed in now and painted so they look better, but the screen is still in play.

I found these table bases, complete with glass tops, at an estate sale.  Here they are after a coat of spray paint.  I plan to pair them with some chairs I found at a Mid-Century shop on Jefferson.

I wanted something open and lightweight but still sturdy.

The metal plating is not in great condition but now that they have been thoroughly cleaned, I think they can be used as is for the time being.

Except for the upholstery, that is.

Here is a tiny sample strip in the gray and white.  I would have shown a larger sample but I just gave the roll of fabric to the upholsterer. (BTW, that 8x8 piece of tile you see here is what is going on the front of the bar.)

Because this post is dragging on a bit, I am able to show you a section of the bar that is now tiled.

The template was made and we are waiting on the top.  It will be Silestone in a color called Steel.

 Second floor bathroom tile.  Not painted yet and waiting on the plumber to get the sink in place.

There are two bathrooms on the first floor done in this tile.

I haven't talked much about the stairs but they are starting to get some attention now.

They look pretty awful and all the construction mess has not helped. Sure hope we can make them look good.

 Looks like the sanders are moving faster than this blog post.

Stained and ready for poly.  Can't promise when the risers will be painted.  The painter left today for a one week vacation. 

This is the bench seating in the fabrication process.

This section is painted and ready for cushions.

Some of the furnishings have arrived.

Like these cute little stools for first floor seating.  That's your sneak peak for now.  Hope to have lots more real soon.

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