Monday, August 14, 2017

What Happened?

I wish I had a photo trail of what happened the past few months but for a variety of reasons, I do not.
These next few pictures are about a paint color that didn't measure up to my expectations.  Then
came a series of things that didn't quite measure up!  None of these were under my control and posting about them just seemed more like whining.  But, things are starting to come together.  So I'm leaving up the pics about the wrong color choice and then skipping to what's happening now.

Because I wasn't pleased with my original color choice on this wall, I repainted it myself.
The lighter color is still wet in this photo so don't judge yet.

You can see where I did the cutting in on this wall?  Hard to believe the darker color on this wall and the one above are exactly the same paint in different light.  You can see how it was sort of working and then absolutely not working.  The lighter color is better all around.

The paint is dry here and gave me the color I was going for the first time. Sometimes that happens, and it's best to repaint and be happy.  The counter top was being installed when this picture was taken.  It's a Silestone pattern called Artic.

Table bases for the first floor before cleaning and painting.

Table bases painted and attached to new table tops.  OK, OK, I'll give you better look. (That's bubble wrap, not tablecloths.)

Waiting on new glides for the bases before removing the protective paper from the floor.

Chairs arrived for the second floor.

It only took about 15 hours to unpack, and assemble 72 of these babies.  That's two people each working 15 hours!!

This is just a small portion of them.  Waiting now for table tops and bases.  They should arrive this week.

A little picture hanging is taking place.

This was not the intended placement nor type of lighting I envisioned.  Once again HVAC and a support soffit foiled all plans.  I call it "deer in the headlights."

I tried to get a shot without the glare and managed to captured my "touch up" sticky note for the painter.

  There are seven of the wire fixtures on the second floor. They cast interesting shadows on the walls and keep the space open and airy looking.

I zoomed out here for a better look at this area.

This is a shot of the bar lights.  It gives you some idea of the complexity of hanging these OVER the bar. where they need be, in spite of the placement of the HVAC ducts.  Is that whining, you ask?  Damn right and, in this case, justified.

This fixture will hang over one of the banquette tables that isn't here yet.  It had to hang right off the HVAC unit.  I wasn't going to show that, but maybe I will so you'll understand some of the frustration.

I guess I should be glad there was a way to hang it over the table in spite of the ill placed heating/cooling unit.

This wall is really not lilac!!  I swear, it's not!  It's called Spaulding Gray, but we know how those grays can play tricks in certain light.  I'll try for a better picture before I post this.

This is the same wall color, just a different bathroom.

Commercial bathrooms have requirements that prohibit getting magazine material photos.  Obviously, I pulled in tight on this one to eliminate the boring plumbing.

I inserted one picture of the kitchen so you would know it really is a restaurant.  Still lots of details to attend to in this room, but it's getting there.

This piece was taking up a chunk of space in my garage for months.  I'm very happy to have it hanging in the restaurant.

 These pendants hang over the service counter perpendicular to the moose rack.

The tables are on the opposite side of the stairs from the two pictures shown above.  These antler pendants hang over some of the tables.  One broke in shipping so,,, waiting on a replacement.

The odd shaped table top leaning against the wall is for the corner banquette.  That cannot be put in place until pins arrive to support both ends.

I found this canvas yesterday and decided I would find a place for it even if it's not in the restaurant.

 The heron, on the other hand, were purchased specifically for this corner on the second floor.  Once a few more things are in place, I will get a shot showing their location in the room.

And, last but not least, we were given the green light by Cultural Resources to begin the facade work!  I'm really excited to post about that transformation.  The red arrows show how the large windows will be divided after all the wood trim is replaced.

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