Thursday, September 28, 2017

Finish Line

Not to jinx things but, I think it's safe to say, I see the finish line ahead. The last update revealed that VP Square had received approval for the facade repairs.  Those repairs are moving along nicely.

Even though there has been a lot going on behind these doors, it was not obvious to those walking or driving past this location.

Although things don't look terrible in these pictures, closeups show the rotten wood trim, the years of wear on the granite below the windows and the chipped and broken glazed terra cotta.

The plan calls for dividing the three large windows in half vertically.  (Note the rotten wood on the sill.)

Dan and Ron removed all the rotten wood and the glass from the windows. (My rock star brother, Dan, in this shot.)

You can see here how discolored and cracked the granite is especially on the front of the building.
(Just testing out some possible colors for the trim on the left.)

It was a bit of a job to remove the granite. The sidewalk was poured in front of it and then at a later date, more concrete was added to bring the sidewalk up to level with the entry.

It will be replaced with a granite called Verde Peacock.

There is a dark green in this granite although it might not be obvious in this photo.

With the glass out of the windows, a little board up was necessary while the tuckpointing crew did their thing.

The grinding was a couple days of messy, dusty work.

The mortar went back on the west side first.  This was taken that same day.  I'm told it will lighten after curing for a few days.

The front was completed the following day with three guys working simultaneously on the ladders.

Next came taking care of the window trim.  First all that motor dust had to be wiped away and then came the paint.

This is the new color scheme for VP Square.  Yes, those are the same colors I picked early on and I kept coming back to the same two colors.

Spiffed up and ready for a good window cleaning.

I took this shot this afternoon because .....the glass is supposed to be delivered tomorrow and I wanted a current before/after for the big reveal.  It will be another week or so before the new doors arrive.  I probably will publish this post and follow up with the doors later.  I have been sitting on this one for way too long already.

Tomorrow turned into a week from tomorrow, but they are in and the trim is being painted.

With some luck the doors will be installed soon.

Not sure if it was luck or patience, but the new doors are installed.  Still some painting to complete the picture.  Also, note the granite below the windows.  OK, I can make that easier.

 The new granite is beautiful and has made a big difference in the overall appearance.

I keep promising to publish and then something else happens and I want to include that before I hit POST.  The glass went into the arched area today.  It makes a big difference both inside and out.

We still have a sign to be constructed and installed over the center arched opening and other pertinant information to add to the window glass.

The glazed terra cotta will receive some repairs too.  All before the snow flies!

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  1. It's coming along so nicely. You have put in a ton of hours on this project.