Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pinterest Inspires

Browsing Pinterest is like driving a highway lined with billboards of things that appeal to me and it seems to work the way billboards are intended to work.

It plants the seed and before I know it, I own it. 

For example:


I saw this and pinned it to my "neat things" board.

This weekend I spotted an egg basket at a yard sale.  Yes, mine could be yellow too...or pink, or turquoise.  That may happen when the mood strikes. (And yes, I probably should have chosen a white background.  I'll keep that in mind for future comparisons.)


Another basket made it onto the same board.


In fact, a similar basket got pinned as well.

Then I uncovered this in that filthy "estate" sale I told you about here.
This is how it works, folks.  I will have more proof in the next post.

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