Monday, September 3, 2012

Houndstooth in a Big Way

I have been having a mini crush on houndstooth for some time now.  Over a year ago I started searching for an oversize houndstooth fabric for two large chairs I plan to reupholster.  I became a little obsessed with the idea and posted about it here.  Then I moved on with other things but never lost interest in that pattern.

Then this popped up on Pinterest.  It is not upholstery fabric and it won't be going in my living room which was the original plan.  But I wondered if it might not be just the thing for the dining room.

Here is what we have going so far. (again the walls are not that intense...they just want to drive me crazy by photographing that way)

Do you think it's going to work?  Yes, a rug from Home Decorators Collection.

I checked the catalog and then called one of their stores locally.  Turns out they were having a 20% off Labor Day sale.  Wahoo!  None in stock but free shipping if I picked it up at the store.

As you can see I didn't waste any time and neither did they.  I ordered it on Thursday and they called Friday night to say it was in store. 

It's a little bold but that doesn't bother me.

When the table and chairs are in place it's going to be perfect. 

We don't always get what we wish for in the way we imagine it.  Sometimes we get the improved upon version.  I love this rug more than I would have liked it in fabric on the chairs and ....there is no pattern matching required.  Just in case you are thinking you might like one too, you can find all the colors it comes in here.


  1. That rug goes very well in the room! Who woulda thought!