Friday, March 1, 2013

Premature Pillows

While my house was on the market I occupied myself with buying things for the "new place."  When the "new place" went to someone else, and I took my house off the market, I was left to deal with those purchases.

One of those forward thinking buys were these two pillows.  I LOVE these pillows. (Thank you Home Goods.)

 The problem is, I have "NO WHERE" to use them in this house.  I thought they would make a nice accent in the living room.  They are perfect for these chairs.
They tie in nicely with the pinks in the dining room.

However, the living room took on a life of it's own as projects like this do.  And pink accents were just not happening.

  My solution---use the cushy inserts and cover them with something else.

I found this fabric at one of my favorite local fabric stores.

If the opportunity arises and I want these pillows back to pink----it's just a matter of changing the cover.

For now they are the perfect back support for these chairs.  By the way, I did a post on these chairs quite some time ago.  I am still contemplating their fate.   I am thinking of painting the frames and living with the fabric.

I know they would be GORGEOUS reupholstered in a fabulous new fabric but I also know what it would cost to have this done.  So for now, I say, when you can't buy a new outfit it helps to buy a new lipstick. 

These new pillows are the lip gloss for old upholstery.


  1. Love the new pillows! Actually prefer them to the pink.
    Perfect with your living room color and carpet!