Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Guest Room Art

A while back I posted about my bag full of goodies for five dollars.  One of the items in the bag

was the framed painting on the left by Mary A. McColl.
The frame itself was dingy and a little beat up.  Rather than have it reframed and blow the "practically free artwork" all to hell,
I did what I do to most everything.  I painted it.
It looks happier now and so am I.
I decided it would look lovely in my guest bedroom. I think it will be perfect with this chest I painted earlier.
  I still have to get this piece from the first to third floor so I can't show them together yet.
When I do pull this room together, it will be around these colors.  There is a daybed under these pillows that is a post in itself, if I can resurrect the photos.

1 comment:

  1. Love the new frame color! It is amazing what changing the color did for that painting! Your guest room will be amazing!