Friday, December 6, 2013

Oh, One More Thing

I posted about the dresser when I bought it,

and I posted again when I painted it.

Turns out there needed to be a third post.

When my friend, Sally, read about the big bun feet that I considered for this piece, she really liked the idea.  At her urging I decided to pull that idea off the scrap pile and give it more thought.  I was dealing with an intestinal flu bug at the time, so my determination was somewhat diminished.

 But I was feeling better now and could see the potential was worth the effort.

I enlisted Dan, again, to trim two of these so the back of the dresser would fit flush against the wall.

Then it was just a matter of priming and painting.

Once they were trimmed out in two colors,

... it was time to attach them to the existing bun feet.

 This also required Dan's help.  I enlisted both brothers to flip the dresser upset down.  Dan drilled holes for the new feet. Then it sat for like this until I could get help to flip it right side up.  Nine drawers stacked around the bedroom was a bit of an obstacle course.

But Dan came through again and brought a helper with him.  I was grateful to be off the hook for the flipping of one heavy piece..even without the drawers.

So now the feet on this piece do not overwhelm...

the feet on this piece.  There is much more to do in this room before I can show everything together.  I, of course, will document the process. Stay tuned.

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  1. what a match! These pieces complement each other so well! You did great once again! Marg