Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mini Post on Recycling.

Last year I arranged a door decoration with pine cones, a jeweled dragon fly, and the word "Wicked."  I posted about that arrangement here.

 It was fine, but a little hard to attach to the door in a way that kept it from leaning forward.

I ended up moving it inside the porch next to the kitchen door.  Still it was a bit of a pain to get it to hang right.

 This year I decided to use it again a little differently.

I used a grapevine wreath for the base and transferred all the other parts to the wreath.  I added a black bow (looks navy here) to pick up the black outline around the letters.  It does the job although you would never be able to know that by this picture.  I guess the reflection on the glass was just fading everything else out.

Maybe it was just the wrong time of day to snap these pictures.  I think I'll break here and take a few more to see if time of day makes a difference.

Here is a closeup with the door wide open and taken from inside the house. (still some reflection of foliage from the outside)

Details show up a little better this way.

But, not that much of a difference.  Some things just don't photograph well....or is it just lack of skill with the camera.  I really need to drag that manual out and try again to get past the auto setting.

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