Sunday, December 13, 2015

Bringing Out The Bulbs

As you know from my last post, my camera bit the dust and I had to rely on others for Thanksgiving pictures.  However, Santa came a little early and...

I now have a new refurbished Canon SX600HS, thanks to my son-in-law who researched the best deals for me.

My intention for holiday decorating was to put up a tree and hang a wreath on the door. Day by day that turned into a little more, and then a little more until I had hauled way too many decorations down from the third floor. I forged ahead with a bauble here and some shiny beads there until the place started closing in on me.  Some of what you see was dialed back later when I regained my senses.  

This is one of those places.  I started with the bowl of pink ornaments and then added the silver trees and candles.  Next came the white beads and after taking this picture, I added white pine cones. Maybe it was my mood and not the decorations.  Who knows for sure, but I removed everything on the buffet but the bowl of glass ornaments.  What can I say?  When I start second guessing myself, it's time to take a break.  I slept on it and now I'm trying to figure out a way to keep the string of white beads.  Not there yet, but taller candles sticks and white tapers seem to be helping. I'm not holding my breath or this post for a satisfactory picture.

On the opposite wall is a mantel with two overlapping mirrors.  I kept it simple here.  The mirrors reflect the tree from the living room so there was no need to add a lot more.

 I did add a white poinsettia and removed a piece of art work.

Sorry about the yellow light.  It's very rainy today and I have not used this camera enough to know how to compensate for the lighting.

The automatic setting took care of it with this closeup.

Last year I did this same silver tree in teal and black which you can see in this post.  This year I decided to play up the pink accents in the house.

 I have a thing for pretty wrapping paper and ribbon, so every year I add a few more rolls during those 50-75% off sales.  Note the Designers Guild tree skirt. (actually a 1/2 yard remnant from a job I did about six years ago) It's nice to finally be able to use it for something.

 Just trying out some picmonkey special effects here.

 I do like the smaller packages, so I'm noting that for next year.

Notice the pillow in the chair.  I bought two of these pillows in the early stages of remodeling.  Then I found the rug.  The rug trumped the pillows.

 I compromised by buying fabric and making new covers for the pillows. That beautiful fuchsia and silver was relegated to a shelf in the storage closet.

Hallelujah! This was the perfect opportunity to bring back the original shams.

 I have been giving my new camera a workout but I will resist showing you all the shots.

This wire wreath has had many incarnations.  This year it takes on a pinkish tone and hangs on the front door.

I checked back to 2013.  Looks like I used this wreath on the front door that year too.

The backdoor gets a greeting in metal with a dotted black tulle background and bow.  I had used this before in gold but a little squirt of spray paint turned it silver for a fresh look.

I added a few very simple touches throughout the house.

 The tree in this photo was purchased a few years ago at St. Vincent de Paul for $3.  It has a raised platform on the back for a large candle.

 Now for the exterior. I love outdoor lights but I really don't like putting them up, and I really dislike the extension cord trail.  I think about it each year but the answer is always the same.  "Forget it."  My tree is visible through the front window so that counts, right?

This is a little outdoor display using more traditional colors.  It seemed a little odd to be setting up this display in seventy degree weather on December 12th.

The flocked garland helped create the mood,  but not quite enough.

So I used picmonkey to give it a more realistic atmosphere.  If the truth be known, that's how I prefer my snow these days.

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