Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Reality of Rehab

Over two months has passed since the last post in which I promised this post would be showing you the pretty stuff.  Sadly, I can't deliver on that promise. The rehab clock sometimes runs counter clockwise.  Here us what I can show you.

The massive hood has been installed in the kitchen and the ceiling grid is in place.

Tile has been laid in the kitchen and...

in the front service area.

The floors behind the bar and the kitchenette on the second floor have been waterproofed and...

the tile has been installed.

The tile work that was started in the bathrooms had to be put on hold because of some plumbing problems.  Those "little" problems persisted resulting in the removal of parts of the drywall to resolve the problem.  But the ol' rehab clock is running again, although, not always keeping perfect time.

The second floor ceiling in this shot is ready and waiting for ceiling panels.

.Getting started on those panels.

This is a large area to cover and it took several days to get all these panels up to create a sound absorbing ceiling.

Almost finished and ready for paint.

But before the paint there was a lot of smoothing of walls.

And hours and hours of patching and sanding.

There were also many feet of that dratted HVAC tubing to snake around the room.

There were a series of scheduling conflicts with painters, but a bit of the painting has been done.
The ceiling color is a Benjamin Moore color called Barnwood.  The bricks on the back wall have one coat of BM called Museum Piece.

Sections of the second floor will be a Sherwin Williams color called Grandiose.  (although it looks yellow it is really green) And that, folks, is where we stand now.

Plans are being made for the front of the building but I'll save that for another post.

The glazed terra cotta tile work requires someone specifically qualified to restore this type of decorative finish.

 Most of the repair work is on the ground level, but all of it is in need of tuck pointing.

 This is a historic feature and I'm looking forward to bringing it back to it's original state so expect a full report at a later date.

I feel I have to end this post on a pretty note and this is all I've got for right now.

If you look at the brick section to the right of the window you will see strip with some wood cross bars going from the floor to the ceiling.  These are actually recessed spaces in the brick that allows room to run pipes and wires without having them exposed.  There are four of these channels on the second floor.

The plan is to wrap a 12 inch wide board with this fabric (Hunter's Purse in Mica) and attach it to the wall and cover the opening.  We cannot do that until the flooring (sample behind the fabric) is installed, so the results of this will have to be shown at a later date.

Wish I had more for ya', but that's all 'till next time.

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