Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The topic for this week on The CSI Project is dubbed "Roadkill Rescue." I have been a savior in this arena for a very long time, so it wasn't hard to round up a few past projects for a post dedicated to this theme.

The criteria for this entry is that each rescued item was found, donated, willed, discarded or in one word, FREE. 

My all time favorite freebie was a bed.  The sad news is, by the time my son's friend told me about it, the rest of the set had been hauled to the alley and had disappeared.  But, I did get the bed you see here.
The detail had me in a frenzy.  At that time I was "in love" with the McKenzie Childs look and I'm surprised I even took time to get a picture before grabbing the paint.

I wanted to be able to see all of the headboard over the mattress and springs so I had to boost it up foot or so with an extra board.

The lovely lady is a poster decoupaged within the arch.  The poster was a little narrower than the arch at the bottom so I fudged the extension of the picture with a little paint.  The arch was done in a granite look which is hard to see here.  The rest of the headboard was marbelized and the ornamentation was gold leafed.

The flowers in the arch of the footboard are decoupaged wrapping paper.  The rest is hours and hours of painting on my kitchen island.

What a chance to try every finish you know on one piece!

I think this might be a good candiate for CSI's "roadkill rescue"
Check it out.
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Another item that came my way was a little round table on a barley twist pedestal.
I thought perhaps whimsical was the way to go with this piece.  Nothing practical about an ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce that you can't taste.

In case you are wondering, the whipped cream is the expanding insulation you use to seal around leaky windows.  It dries yellow so I painted it white.

A pair of chairs that had seen their better days are up next.

I paired these with a table and painted them as a set.

A friend had plans to refinish this little bench but she gave up on getting it done and gave it to me.

It was stable so a little paint and upholstery was all it needed.

I detailed out the design on the legs and found some pretty tone on tone fabric and tassles to bring this piece back to life.

It found a spot in my house and has been content there for some time.

The final piece I want to show you is a settee my chiropractor snatched out of his alley because, well because, he knows how I am.

I painted the wood parts in a peeled paint finish with beige and pink as the underneath layers and a creamy finish for the top coat.  The fabric is a greenish/beige which has held up really well since no one sits here.

I took this shot today before I found new lamps for the end tables. 

I'm excited to show the new lamps I found today but that's for another post.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where's the sink?

For the latest CSI project I wanted to show a piece that moved a little to the left of where it started. So I dug back into my files for some pictures of an amoire I altered for a purpose other than which it was intended. Unfortunately I don't have a before shot but it was an imported piece from Mexico. It was painted a very dark steel blue over a rusty red and a swag of loosly drawn flowers had been painted in the recessed door panels.  UPDATE:  I just happened onto some before pictures I didn't know I had.  Hopefully I can squeeze them in here.

I repainted the outside in three colors. (tan,cream and taupe)  This alone was a big improvement.  I opted to keep the hardware which really wasn't bad.

Let me tell you, this piece is in the bathroom and divides the tub and toliet area from the "vanity."  Yes, the sink is inside the amoire.  No, I did not do the plumbing or the electrical but I did do the rest.

I painted the inside of the piece.  The inside of the doors had raised panels.  I cut cardboard to fit each panel, padded the cardboard, and covered them with black dotted fabric using a glue gun.  I wedged these pieces into each opening adding just a dab of glue for insurance.

Once the sink was in I tiled the top shelf using tiles left over from other projects.  I gave it a mini splash border in black subway tile and threw in a few random black squares to pick up the black handles on the faucets.

The mirror came from my parent's house and I left the finish exactly like it was because it worked perfectly.  Behind the mirror I hung a soft burgundy fabric on an expansion rod.

I will sneak in a small before pic I found of the interior.

This piece was orginally meant for an entertainment center back in the days when the television did not cover the entire wall.  So instead of a VCR and tapes it now holds towels and tolietries.  The drawers provide additional storage.

The lamp is really for mood lighting.  On the ceiling of the cabinet I had installed two puck lights.  This along with a track light on the ceiling directly in front of the amoire, provides ample light.

Here are a couple shots of what is hiding behind the amoire.

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Seven Layer Peel

The CSI Project for this week is a furniture makeover.  Although I completed this project some time ago, I thought it still met the qualifications of a furniture redo done by moi.

It started with a sturdy cabinet that was painted a color that would suck the life out of a room. I call it Downer Brown.  I knew that almost anything would be an improvement.  I was taking faux finishing classes at the time and was anxious to experiment with a finish referred to as "Seven Layer Peel."

I worked on this piece right in the room where I intended to use it since  I really did not want to move it after painting it.  I don't have steps of the process.  Executing this finish was a little intense and time sensitive.  So I was not thinking of pictures at the time.

Close up of the finished product with tassel attached to the key.

Cabinet closes with a twist of the hardware at the top of the doors.  The inside has three shelves and holds folded clothes and bins for socks and such. I actually had plans to cover the backside of the doors with fabric but I moved on to other projects and that never happened. (yet anyway)

I would not part with this cabinet.  It is really a great storage piece.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Justify the Addiction

The lead in here is that I am admitting I have a serious addiction and it is not alcohol or cigarettes.  I'm not a slave to fashion.  In fact I hate shopping for clothes and shoes.  I don't adopt stray dogs or cats or hang out in the pet store.  I am not a traveler or a trip taker.  I rarely even go to the movies.

Do you think that's enough paving the way with what I don't do that I can now explain my addiction to furniture?  It really is serious.  I call it rescuing furniture and that's partially true, but the truth is, if  I didn't adopt a piece someone else would. 

Yesterday I had my usual Sunday morning coffee with a couple friends at a place that just happened to be a few blocks from a resale shop that is open on Sundays.  Now, to me that was a direct invitation to drop by.

So without further ado, this is what I bought.
Side view

Back view, and yes the handle swayed me a little.

The great part is, there was a pair.  So now I can fall asleep at night thinking of ways to dress these beauties.  When I settle on one I deem perfect I will post the results.

BUT, that is not  all.

This little table is in great shape which seemed like reason enough to buy it.  It was also a great price so I have reason #2.  I thought about ways I could refinish it and that's when I knew if was mine.  Once you go there, you have made it yours.

Did I stop there?  Of course not!

Hint #1

Give away clue.

Multipy by four.

The only problem with these purchases will be, ok the obvious..storage.  What I started to say was, settling on one way to doll them up.  The possibilities are endless.  Too bad furniture is not as easy to redress as paper dolls.  Then I would have endless outfits for my collection.

I would love to hear what you would do to these "love-e-lies."

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tea Time

Another piece from Upscale Resale just begging me to take it home.
After a little dickering on the price and a reduction of $30, I agreed to make it mine.  Then it sat around until I committed to a color.
But we all know what comes before that fun color part.  It's the cleaning and sanding and filling in the chips and dings.
No, I did not take two months to decide on white.  This is the primer.

A little fresh paint on the hardware of the wheels brighten them up.
The dark knob in the middle is from the top drawer of the tea cart.  I bought the glitzy earings for $1 and had the other pair. Some stones were falling out of the glitsy pair but a little glue took care of that.  I decided if I could make them adhere to the original knob they would be my first choice.  I pryed off the earring backs and applied the glue.
It worked!  And, yes, now you know the color.

This is the original hardware on the bottom drawer.

Here it is with spray primer.

And here it is silver leafed.

Not finished yet.  I needed to line the drawer with a piece of paper/fabric.  Not sure what the name for this is but I found it at JoAnn's and I thought it was awesome. (that translates to beautiful and cheap.)
Did not buy the liner after picking the color...just one of those accidental lucky happenings when things just come together.

Ok this is it!...almost.  It looks blue but it's really not.  It's turquoise.
It is Benjamin Moore 741 san jose blue (ok a bit blue..a blue turquoise) but mixed at Lowes in a Valspar gloss.

This is the true color.  Guess it was just the lighting in the previous picture.

Again, it looks a little blue.  What is that about?  This is a little mock up for pictures in my studio/garage until I find the right place in the house.
Or maybe until I get the right house.

A funny little happening occured after I had this piece painted.  When I removed a pushpin from my bulletin board to make room for something else, this picture fell to the floor.

I guess I latched onto this color long ago and kept it in the back of my mind until the right piece came along.  Except for the glazing on this one it is an identical color match.

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