Thursday, October 3, 2013

Company's Coming

I am finally getting around to the guest room because I have that valuable motivator called a deadline.  I will be having overnight guests this month.  I won't have it completed, but I hope to have it presentable.

I did a post about this back in July.  It has been sitting on the sun porch patiently waiting for someone to carry it to the third floor guest room.  That finally happened last week.

I also did a post on this art by Mary A. McColl that I purchased for under a $1.  It got hung this week.

I drug these buttons out of the closet for a little photo shoot a couple weeks ago.  So rather than stick them back in the closet, I thought I'd use those as well.

This is a lamp that was in my foyer prior to that makeover.  I wanted to use it somewhere and thought perhaps it might be a nice addition to the guest room.
This is how the top looks without the shell shade.  I wasn't sure exactly what should be painted and what could be left as is.
I thought perhaps I could leave the black metal parts.
So I covered those parts and prepared to paint only the detailed wood.
I chose Champagne Nouveau.
Once that was dry I decided I no longer liked the black.  So I painted that copper.  It is my absolute favorite copper spray paint and it is no longer available!
I had just enough to spray the top metal parts too.
Not much of the metal shows, but what does looks way better with the capiz shells.
I had a little scare when I put the smaller bulbs in and turned it on.  There was a pop and then nothing.  I was not thrilled to think I might have to rewire the lamp.  I tried different bulbs and then put it aside.  The next day I tried to charge my phone in the same outlet and nothing happened.  Yes, something had tripped the breaker. Good news is, my lamp still works.  Wahoo!
I tried this mirror hoping it might work as is...but as you can see, that was a "NO."  So, I painted it to freshen it up, and it was still a "no," although not quite as definite.
I switched it out for some buttons in jars.  They will work for now.
I'll be on the look out for other things to create an interesting tablescape.
For now, one corner of the guest room is ready.
This was taken as the early morning sun was peeking through the dormer windows across the room.
Obviously, I can't show you more of this room just yet.  But, it will be forthcoming.


  1. It all is simply gorgeous!

  2. I love the chest and I am so glad you discovered how lovely blue can be.. Looks so cute with the buttons and love what you did with the lamp. Always do!