Monday, April 21, 2014

Guest Room

Quite some time ago I started working on the guest room.  I painted a chest that I talked about in this post.  The lamp was another post.  Then other things got in the way and the guest room was in a holding pattern.  But, I'm happy to report that I'm moving forward on that project again.

I was given this day bed a few years ago.

I didn't really care for the brassy trim on the arms and front legs.

Nor did I want to keep the wood natural.

So I prepared to paint it all.

I was able to remove the metal trim,

which made painting it possible.

I did prime the pieces first, and then painted them a darker bronze tone.

The wooden parts of the bed I painted in two colors of green.

 I set the bed up in the guest room with the plan to finish the bedding and then blog about it. I brought home a couple rugs from Home Goods to try in the room.

This is the one I ended up keeping.  I wanted to include this shot as it shows the ceiling I painted when my daughter was still living at home and using this room.  It is a cloudy sky at dusk and I saw no reason to change it now.  Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when I decided to make a dust ruffle for the bed.

This is the toile I have been saving for a very long time.  I decided on box pleats.  

 It moved along fairly well.

I had a few other smaller projects to attend to in the room.

I covered some buttons for this pillow and,
 picked up one more pillow at Home Goods.


Then I decided I could use this lampshade by just painting it.

That didn't work out the way I thought it would, so, on to plan B.

I bought this fabric and used it to cover the lampshade.

I actually glued the fabric to the shade in sections.

My plan was to use it for the wall sconce behind the bed.

Next I decided to tackle the cushion for the window seat.  I'm not going to bore you with the trials and tribulations of that process.  It is way too long for this blog post.  Instead, let's just say I'm glad it is now complete.

I bought a significant amount of the toile when I was not sure how it was going to be used.  I decided to use it again for the cushion on the window seat.

I purchased this pillow ages ago and added the buttons to the flower centers.

I want to add some pillows here but first,

I jumped ahead to this little number.  My brother, Dan, dropped this off for me two weeks ago.  It was left by a tenant and Dan knows it's something I won't turn away.  At the time, I had no place for it.  But, suddenly it hit me.  This would make a perfect resting place for a suitcase in the guest room. 
A slipcover would be all it needed. 
I used a canvas in a dark green for the top and more of the toile for the bottom.
I am delighted to have it finished before my sister arrives for Easter.  I am hoping to finish one more detail before she arrives.
 I bought these two pillow forms at the Goodwill Outlet for $1.22. 
 I cut one in half so that I would have a pillow for each end of the window seat.
 I used the same toile and paired it with a little burlap. 
 I used some of this trim for a little detailing.  Heaven knows I have enough of it and I should use it somewhere.
I plan to add a row of buttons to the each end of the pillow and make one more just like it for the other end of the window seat.  But my sister arrived just as I took this picture so that's it for now.  I still have two small tables and two chairs lined up for this room.  So expect to see more on the guest room in another post.

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  1. Beautiful! I especially like the pleated toile bed skirt. Fantastic!