Sunday, May 29, 2011

Auction Initiation

Today was one of those leisurely Sundays that prompted me to attend an auction with a friend.  I really have been to very few auctions.  Usually because I was required to be at work when they were being held.  The couple that I did attend were selling merchandise way out of my league. However, it has been on my list of things to check out when the opportunity presented itself.

We arrived just as the auction began so we worked our way through the crowd checking out the items for sale.  I listened to the autioneer as we looked and I was able to catch some of what he was spilling into the microphone.  There was really only one item that held any interest for me and not something I couldn't live without.  We watched the bidding for a few more minutes and were just about to leave when one of the helpers laid her hand on the item I had noticed.  So out of curiosity we waited to see how that went.

Next thing I know a little voice said, "bid once just for the practice" and my card went up.  I heard it's a good idea to know how high you are prepared to go before you start bidding.  But prepared I was not! 

Lucky for me mine was the only bid. My purchase cost me $30 and as the auctioneer said.  "You got a real deal.  The hardware alone is worth that."

There are six lion pulls on the piece and since I'm a Leo by birth I thought it was appropriate that the piece went to me....that and the fact that no one else wanted it.

No, I didn't need it but I have a feeling I will find a great use for it.

You see the top flips up!
Yes, there I am reflected in the garage door as I lean on the car to get a picture.

 I think this little divided compartment has lots of possibilities.  Stay tuned, I'll personalize it one of these days and bring it back as a B & A.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Project Therapy

When the lack of enthusiasm bug bites it's nice to have friends who provide the remedy for motivation.  Recently a long time friend visited me from the Chicago area and brought me two framed prints.

I'm a sucker for depictions of interiors and my friend knows me well.

She purchased these from a resale shop in her area called Jubilee Furniture.
A few days after she presented them to me, I was with a designer friend in her basement when I noticed a piece of fabric that I thought might look good with the colors in my new wall art.  She graciously gave me the piece.

Two friends, two gifts and together they become my inspiration for another project.  First I needed a chair for the fabric.  I had a couple in my stash that might work.

I considered this one and I still think it would have been a good choice but I also knew I could use this in another way that might be better for this chair.

So I opted for this one.  Everyone knows what has to happen next but I will give you the quick run down.

Remove the seat.  Sand and clean the frame.

I rescued this chair from the curb quite some time ago and I was just waiting for the right opportunity to pull it into use.

The old upholstery was removed.

And a million or so staples were removed as well.

The frame was painted a glossy black.

The seat was in the process of being covered in the fine new fabric when my stapler just quit!  No, not jammed just done for. 

The only option was to buy a new stapler and get the job done.

With that part completed I turned to the frames.

I decided to paint the outer and inner borders of the frames black.  I also had to replace the cracked glass in one of the frames.

I was happy with the way that turned out so I reassembled and hung them in the only place I could in my home. (They are destined for the new place whenever that happens.)

I really should have waited until I painted the two drawer chest that will go below the pictures and completed the accessories.  But, who knows when that will be.  So, poor lighting and all, this is it.  One day soon this will all be in a better location and decked out.  At that point, I'll photograph it again for the blog.  I have linked to:

                                                   .Furniture Feature Fridays

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Triple Surprise

Just have to share with you a "knock-knock" that came from a co-worker.  Those little unexpected surprises are the best!  And this one came in three sizes.

My co-worker, Jo, is my age and these were her mother's.  Without giving actual numbers here, I think you can guess they are up there in age.  Jo is making room in her kitchen cabinets and generously gifted them to me.

I love the color combination and have been thinking how I might play with those colors in other ways.

But for now, I will just enjoy looking at my new bowls.
(thank you, Jo)

PS:  I will soon have more time to tinker and more time to blog about my tinkering. so posts will be more frequent.  Yes, I have given notice at my job.  I will soon be free to explore those things I'm most passionate about.  And those things will most certainly become subject matter for this blog. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011


A couple nights ago I attended an event sponsored by Apartment Therapy held at Jipsi.  Her I am with my friend, Vicki, at the event.

  It's always a treat to see what the creative whirlwind, Jennifer Baca, has whipped together for her window displays.

Jennifer was wearing a sequined dress for this event but I missed getting her picture that night.  This pic is from a former event.  And, yes, she did have on cowboy boots with the knee length cocktail dress, just not this pair.  I guess brown was a better choice with the silvery sequins.

The displays showcased her usual wizardry with mundane materials.  This time it was egg crates and coffee filters.  In between the string and the packing popcorn are decorative items to lust after.

Is this a bed for daydreaming?

Note the whimsical use of coffee filters.

And then the gorgeous pillows.

Don't miss the whitewashed brick in the background.  The parts are so not the whole in Jennifer's work.  That's what I love...that mixing and blending of everyday and exquisite, quirky with quality, and all creatively crafted.
Fashion is always a part of the statement.

The mannequins are outfitted for every occasion.

And there is clothing to take home too.

This was a creation from another day.

There is always nifty lighting as part of the display.

In Jennifer's world lampshades are allowed to make a statement.

It's a chandelier no matter what the parts are called.

This chandelier is so beautiful when it winks at you in person.  It's worth the visit to see, and maybe even touch, the ivory beads.

This shop is also Jennifer's studio and painted furniture is part of her repertoire.

How to make messy look elegant.

Jennifer does all kinds of things with paper and books.

Thursday night she demonstrated how to create this interesting piece.  Then anyone who wanted to give it a try was encouraged to do so.

Believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Jennifer's talent.  Visit her shop on The Hill.

Even if you don't walk away with anything you'll walk away happier.

And you'll be inspired to find a way to use those old bed springs.  I was.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Relaxed Bouquet

Everyone knows I like those unexpected "knock-knocks" at the door when someone drops off a little surprise like a set of french doors or an old chair too good to trash, a container of homemade stew, or a clump of day lilies a friend thinned from her garden.  But I was delighted with what I recieved yesterday from a friend who attended my yard sale.

This sweet bouquet of pinks in a mason jar is just the best!  I loved everything about it.  The unexpectedness (who get's flowers while conducting a yard sale?), the shades of fabulous pink, the simple arrangement that allows the flowers to just be themselves! 

So today I had fun with my flowers.  I took lots of pictures of them.

Ok, I won't show them all here, but I do have lots more.

I pulled out a few pieces of fabric to see how they looked with my posies.

I also went to my favorite bakery, Companion Bread Outlet, and picked up a few pastries.  Then I invited a friend over to share my flowers and my sweet treats.

I got one of everything so we cut them in half and shared.  In case you are is strawberry.

We talked and enjoyed the early morning sun and the beauty of having no where else to be for that time.

There is such delight in enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

I would love to be sitting in Paris having my coffee at a sidewalk cafe, but seriously, I was just as happy sitting right here without the jet lag.

It is true that you can choose to be happy where ever you are.

My friend, Vicki, helped to host a design event earlier this week and I helped her wrap some packages in wallpaper for the tables.  I thought they would be a nice prop for some pictures so she brought them over.

Yes, it is the year for that color called honeysuckle.

One last thing.  There is a little more to the knock-knock.  After the remains of the sale were gathered up and put away, I sat down to check the mail that had arrived earlier.  I'm always excited when a new magazine arrives and this time it was the May/June issue of Garden Design. 

And right there in the middle of the magazine were my flowers.

I pulled one out of my bouquet and laid it on the page.  Am I right?

Maybe they aren't David Austin's but they sure look the same,
Simply Beautiful