Thursday, December 26, 2013

10 Most Popular Posts for 2013

For one reason or another these posts had the most page views this year.  I know much of the traffic can be traced to those posts that were shared on link parties.  For those who host these parties, I thank you.  I check link parties to find blogs I might like to follow and I'm sure others do the same. So it is a great service that the host bloggers provide.

  This post was about me learning to tuckpoint prior to painting the brick wall inside my back porch.

9th Place 

This was a follow up post on a dresser I painted.  In this post I talk about adding another set of feet to the existing bun feet.

 8th Place

This caught my idea at a resale shop.  This post shows how I used it.

 7th Place

This post tells the story of two identical chairs I purchased at K Antiques.

 6th Place

This might be one of my more shocking posts....not for the content but for the color.
 5th Place

These four chairs and a table were spruced up to become a set in this post.

 4th Place

Transforming this piece was a fun process that is documented in this post.
 3rd Place
This piece got it's second makeover as it went from dining room to living room.

2nd Place

How this post ranked so high might well be explained by this picture.
 1st Place
This was a post about several burlap projects I did for my Fall decorations.  It is no surprise that it came in first.  Burlap was the front runner all year.
That sums up 2013 for ZOOM IN.  However, there are 45 more posts on various topics including the addition of a powder room and the complete redecorating of the living room, dining room, and foyer as well as two rooms on the second floor.  Please check them out if you haven't already done so and...remember, I love comments.

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